Peace Day –

On 1st May 2002, ClubMJ - The Official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub had more than 900 children and 2500 more people gathered in Pune, to join 1 million children across the globe in a global symphony for peace. Everyone sang inspirational songs for world peace. The event was a huge success due to great support from children, schools, teachers, parents and all the people who strive for peace. The Magic was shared and the Message was conveyed. Click on the Press Release Below to read it.

1st July 2002, than 400 pairs of clothes were distributed in Orphanages and to the people living on streets as a part of a social activity from The Official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub.

The Michael Jackson Anthem was released just 2 days after Michael Jackson was charged with false accusations of Child Molestation. The song has been downloaded by more than 5 Million people by now.

Had a Candlelight Vigil along with the ongoing around the world. As earlier planned it couldn't be held outside in a public place because of a daylight robbery. The Police didn't allow the club to organise the vigil in a public place. Ultimately we had to organise it at a Cultural Hall of the Violin Academy in Pune.

Currently we are into a process of establishing a well known concept - Adopt a kid. We have visited rural areas (villages) and talked to different schools. The schools would conduct some exams based on their syllabus for under-privilaged students in various grades. The Term Underprivilaged includes only those students whose parents can't afford to pay for their education and other expenses. In return, The Official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub and Forever Music Private Limited will access their database of donors which will be mostly families from cities. Each family will adopt a child from a village by paying for his education and basic needs. The project has been worked on papers and will be practically active from August 2004.
The Fan Club organized HEAL THE WORLD CONCERT for charity every year


The Michael Jackson Anthem
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